Discrete Morse Theory for Filtrations


Acknowledgements Enumerating all the ways in which I am grateful to Konstantin would essentially double the length of this document, so I'll save all that stuff for my autobiography. But I will note here that he was simultaneously patient, engaged, proactive, and – best of all – ruthlessly determined to refine and sculpt all our vague big-picture ideas into digestible and implementable concrete pieces. He also provided remarkable opportunities to see and do things that are rarely offered to graduate students. What I'm trying to say is, that conference in Hawaii was amazing. The odds of me making it through grad school without an advisor of Konstantin's caliber were precisely zero, and it is exremely fortunate that my talent for screwing things up is exceeded only by his ability to fix them. The tales of my mind-bogglingly embarassing failures over the last few years would also double the length of this document, and I think I'll leave them out of that autobiography as well. But back to the point: Konstantin, thanks so much for everything, and here's to many more years of working together. Thanks is also due to various Professors at Rutgers, Georgia Tech and elsewhere who have been patient, helpful and (in a few cases) even willing to collaborate on various projects: Doc


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